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Schedule Management & Control with PreogressGenic Expertise

A Project is not executable unless we do not have a proper Time schedule developed to show each and every step with Time durations, cost budgets and Resources requirements.

When it comes to project management, particularly scope management and schedule management are among the foremost important knowledge area of project management. Schedule management is often called time management. Scope and schedule management helps managers remain disciplined when planning and controlling a project during its lifespan.

Outsourcing Project Schedule Management Part of your project has following benefits to consider:

  • Expert Planning Engineers
  • On time Delivery
  • Cost Saving
  • Reports Quality
  • Start Right away
  • Affordable Rates

We at ProgressGenic use different tools to manage the Project Schedules (Programme of works) in order to keep the smooth execution of your projects throughout the project life cycle.

What do we provide under Project Schedule Management Services?

Schedule management is a critical tool that can save you time and money. We can help you create a practical and straightforward approach towards your Project Completion goals in a timely manner. Our expert services related to Schedule Management & Control included but not limited to:

  • Project Baseline Schedule with Critical Path Analysis (CPA)
  • Budgeted cost identification and Loading
  • Resource Loading (Labor, Non Labor, Material)
  • Progress Tracking & Monitoring with Updates
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our expert hands are much experienced in terms of developing and controlling the schedule. Few are the Key documents we produce:

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) on the lines of your BOQ
  • Identifying and Mentioning the important Milestones of the Project
  • Resource and cost Assignments
  • Baseline Schedule with CPM (Critical Path Methods) 
  • Progress Updates
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the project with proper Activity coding
  • Reports Extraction from the Baseline and updated schedules
  • Custom templates (Milestone wise, Cost wise, WBS wise)

We develop and maintain the project schedules by keeping in mind the different techniques such as:

  • Scope level of Details
  • Risk factors 
  • Resource Factors 
  • Cost Factors
  • Project PERT Analysis & Critical Paths
  • Payment Procedures (in Advance, Upon Completion or physical measurements)
  • Authority Procedures
  • Project General conditions

You can discuss your project Scope and design with us (Surely after a Non Disclosure Agreement) in order for us to completely understand the project before moving ahead. 

You shall have to involve with us through baseline schedule development phase as it will be the most important factor of your Project execution’s health. It is always better to outsource the Project Schedule Management services to us and we will handle everything from Schedule creation, resource and cost loading to all the updated reports throughout the Project life cycle.

You shall also share the project specifications related to Progress reporting / Project controls setup in your project’s conditions of contract, or, we may follow the FIDIC general conditions of contract to take care of reporting system. 

Your data is always kept confidential and secured with us. We and our clients sign the confidential agreement or Non-Disclosure agreement before moving ahead. We surely know the sensitivity of costs of projects and we always had kept that secured at our side. 

Why BOQ is important to be shared?

BOQs are the most important document in order to start developing the baseline schedules. Project Baseline schedules carry the activities and costs that are loaded in line with the BOQ. We figure out what activities are to be leveled down in a schedule and what are their costs according to the BOQ during the cost loading. Cost loading helps creating the cash flows and other cost control related reports during the project life cycle.

Experts that are working under ProgressGenic are hired through multiple layers of interview procedures and hence appointed once analysed through every aspect. It means that we deliver our services with a top-notch professionailsm way. So, feel free to call us, write us or schedule a meeting with us to further discuss the services.

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