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Schedule Management & Control

A Project is not executable unless we do not have a proper Time schedule developed to show each and every step with Time durations, cost budgets and Resource requirements.

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ProgressGenic Progress Reports

Progress Reports & Dashboards

Our custom reporting services are designed to help you see the insights of your Project Progression. We deliver reports in different formats and according to your project needs and specifications.

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ProgressGenic Cost Control

Cost Control & Management

Cost control & Management is the  heart beat of the project. It may keep running or distort if not checked up properly. A cost budget allocated for a project is a very important aspect which needs to be estimated carefully along with careful monitoring and managing the cash flow part of the project.

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Project Risk Management by ProgressGenic

Risk Analysis & Management

Project Risk Analysis Management is the process of identifying, analyzing and prioritizing risks that can impact a project. Managing the risks of the project ensures that it meets the stakeholder requirements by being proactive and identifying the potential risks before they happen.

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ProgressGenic Claims & Delays Analysis

Project Delay Analysis & Claims Management

Project delay analysis & Claims management is an essential technique for identifying the reason and extent of any potential delays due to known risks or unknown issues. It helps promote negotiation with future agreements on claims, as well as deal thoroughly in advance so that you can plan accordingly if there are ever problems during your project's execution phase.Read More »
ProgressGenic Other Document Support

Other Services & Support

Apart from all the services mentioned above, we do offer other services and support i.e. Jira software setup for your Team Management, Project Measurement Procedure, Communication Management Procedure, Document Control Procedure and reports, QA/QC Plan & Procedures, Construction Methodology, Execution Strategy, Execution Plan, Audit and reporting to get your Project Schedule fixed, Supervision & Consultancy for Overall Project Controls part of your project, Procurement Management & Schedules and lot more. Click below to ask us what kind of document do your require us to create for you:

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