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ProgressGenic's Project Controls Expertise in Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) Projects

Traffic is a major problem everywhere in the world. The challenges faced for traffic congestion in urban areas are unique. In many cases, there is a lack of sufficient road network to accommodate or control the increasing volume of vehicular traffic.

To add to this, environmental concerns and legal restrictions imposed on expansion of roads further limits opportunities available to build new roads.

In order to address these challenges, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) has been developed which includes various technological systems that facilitate better management of traffic congested conditions within a city by improving overall transportation system capacity and capability without building more physical infrastructure.

Project Controls Methodology in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) Project:

Project Control methodology used during construction phase can help the life span of ITS facilities so they can provide longer service life, avoid failure and reduce maintenance costs during operation.

Project Control methodology in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Project will contribute towards project success by improving the quality of work, providing data-driven decision making, reducing risks and costs associated with a project.

Project Controls in Intelligent Traffic Systems Project is a collaborative effort between Project Management Team and Project Controller in order to achieve project objectives within schedule/budget constraints.

Project Controls have been an integral part of every major ITS projects where there are complex technologies involved with high degree of expertise required that cannot be covered under normal disciplines like civil or electrical engineering.

Successful execution of Project Control activities requires unique knowledge & skills that are acquired through experience working on successful Project Controls engagements for roads, bridges, infrastructure & transportation projects.

How ProgressGenic has been delivering its Project Controls part in ITS Projects:

ProgressGenic Project Controls team has successfully implemented Project Controls methodologies for such highly sophisticated ITS project such as (but not limited to)

  • Traffic Management Centers,
  • Variable & Dynamic Message Signs (VMS & DMS),
  • Highway Advisory Radio System (HARS),
  • Traffic Surveillance and Control Systems (TSACS),
  • Rain Weather Information System (RWIS),
  • CCTV cameras Systems,
  • Road & vehicle Detection Systems (RVDs) and so on.

ProgressGenic Project Controls experts have carried out project controls activities for large number of road and highway projects around the globe with varying degree of complexity and geographical conditions.

Project controls activities were also performed during construction phase on Intelligent Transportation System Projects that included:

  • Traffic Signalization Systems,
  • HOV Lanes,
  • TOD Structures and
  • Transit Oriented Development Systems

These projects were handled at stations along with necessary simplifications required during construction phase.

ProgressGenic has successfully served numerous clients working on ITS Project across multiple industries including Consultants, Departments of Transportation, private construction firms and Governmental bodies by providing Project Controls expertise though its Project Controls team with proven track record of project success. If you are developing an Intelligent Transportation System Project or would like to integrate following Project Controls Methodologies within your existing Project Team structure for better utilization of resources:

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ProgressGenic specializes Project Control experts that can assist you to better utilize resources within project team structure by managing risks and providing data-driven decision support.

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