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We are Expert in providing Project Controls services in all kind of Infrastructure Projects!

ProgressGenic's Project Controls Expertise in Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects call for the knowledge and expertise of Project Controls to bring success. Infrastructure projects are those like: roads, rails, bridges, dams and pipelines etc. Such Projects require complex management and control as well as resources and financial backing.

A key focus area for ProgressGenic.

We at ProgressGenic provide our Project Control expertise in infrastructure projects through our proven methodologies and toolsets that we have tested throughout the times with various organizations.

We use our Project Controls skillset to give Infrastructure project owners complete insight into their project costs, schedules (time) and the risks involved in their Infrastructure projects; this way they can make better decisions which will result in successful outcomes for Infrastructure projects.

This leads to happy Infrastructure project team members who will help ensure Infrastructure projects run smoothly, increasing the Infrastructure project’s chances of being delivered on time and on budget.

The above have been proven true through our experience with Infrastructure projects throughout diverse industries including Infrastructure projects for mining, Infrastructure projects for power generation, Infrastructure projects for transport (roads, railroads etc.), Infrastructure projects for oil & gas pipelines as well as Infrastructure projects for water supply.

The use of Project Controls expertise has enabled ProgressGenic to assist organizations in achieving success in their Infrastructure projects. Some of the industries that our Project Controls expertise can be applied are: Utilities, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Transport & Logistics and Mining.

Our recommended Project Controls services for Infrastructure Projects:

  1. Infrastructure Cost Management Services
  2. Infrastructure Risk & Opportunity Management Services
  3. Infrastructure Schedule (Time) Management Services – Time-Based Approach (TBA)
  4. Infrastructure Schedule (Time) Management Services – Event-Driven Approach (EDA)
  5. ProgressGenic’s Hybrid Project Controls

What should be the benefit of outsourcing Project Controls for Infrastructure Projects

Project Control is essential to ensure successful execution of Infrastructure Projects by providing insight into costs, schedule (time) and risks. Infrastructure project managers will be able to minimize risk mitigation by using Proven Project Controls toolsets that can be applied in Infrastructure projects.

The infrastructure industry is characterized by large, complex infrastructure assets and significant capital expenditure, making it an area where leading organizations turn to ProgressGenic for our Project Control expertise in Infrastructure Projects.

Infrastructure projects usually have a very strong business need, require substantial financial investment and also take a long time from start to end (sometimes over 10 years).

These three factors make Infrastructure projects an easy target for overruns, delays or even failures. With the right knowledge and experience in place however, one can ensure successful Infrastructure projects every single time which leads to satisfied Infrastructure project team members along with happy Infrastructure project owners.

ProgressGenic’s Project Controls Expertise in Infrastructure Projects focuses on our proven methodologies and toolsets that have been used on Infrastructure projects throughout various industries providing following set of services:

About ProgressGenic

ProgressGenic is the most trusted Project Controls Company based in UK with global exposure. We provide Project Controls expertise for successfully executing projects across various industries including but not limited to Transportation, Infrastructure, Telecommunications & Utilities, Renewables & Mining, Construction, Oil & Gas and so on.

We have executed Project Controls services (Physically or remotely) on more than 2000+ tasks of varying complexities for more than 240 clients spread across 30+ major countries in the world.

ProgressGenic specializes Project Control experts that can assist you to better utilize resources within project team structure by managing risks and providing data-driven decision support.

Our Project Control service offerings include:

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