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ProgressGenic's Project Controls Expertise in Building Construction Projects

Building construction projects are unique in terms of Project Management. They combine Project Planning, Project Controls & Project Collaboration within an integrated environment.

The convergence of these disciplines has led to the emergence of Project Control as recognized sub-discipline with its own recognized global professional body – the International Project Leadership Association (IPLA).

Project Control focuses on Project Monitoring, Project Reporting & Project Management Decision Making, to ensure that the Project is on-track and within budget through effective control of Project Scope & Schedule.

Project Control involves monitoring engagements predominately conducted at the end of each major phase of project execution (e.g., during critical path method (CPM) scheduling, planning and sequencing activities), with reporting support throughout the Project life cycle.

A key focus area for ProgressGenic.

Today’s Project Controls environment demands exceptional people who can not only implement these processes effectively but also adapt them to suit the local culture, build consensus among stakeholders and embrace risk management.

ProgressGenic provides our Project Controls Expertise in Building construction projects to help Achieve Business Objectives by efficiently executing projects from start-up thru service delivery, as well as providing Project Controls expertise on Construction Project from inception thru Project closeout.

Projects demand Project Leaders who have knowledge and expertise across all three disciplines: Planning, Controls and Collaboration. ProgressGenic provides its Project Control expertise for Building construction projects to ensure successful project management outcomes.

What is ProgressGenic’s approach for Building Construction projects?

ProgressGenic’s Project Control approach for Building Construction projects include:

  • Assessing the state of control by consulting on compliance requirements and determining what is required to achieve full compliance if necessary;
  • Implementing controls to address risks identified in the Project Control strategy;
  • Developing Project plans, budgets and other plans that form part of Project reports;
  • Monitoring Project performance using Project Controls tools (including Oracle P6) against the Project plan. ProgressGenic also measures actual Project performance against baselines;
  • Analyzing variance information generated by Project Data Analytics to understand causes of variances. This helps to determine corrective actions needed;
  • Supporting regular reporting through data analytics which is used to provide insight into the progress of key milestones vs. Actual Dates;

ProgressGenic has Project Control expertise for Building construction projects acquired by working on numerous building construction projects since 2008 on all Project life cycle phases, including Project Planning, Project Controls & Project Collaboration.

ProgressGenic’s Project Controls approach is industry agnostic and can be applied to construction of any type. ProgressGenic Project Control expertise for Building construction projects are offered through following service packages:

About ProgressGenic

ProgressGenic is the most trusted Project Controls Company based in UK with global exposure. We provide Project Controls expertise for successfully executing projects across various industries including but not limited to Transportation, Infrastructure, Telecommunications & Utilities, Renewables & Mining, Construction, Oil & Gas and so on.

We have executed Project Controls services (Physically or remotely) on more than 2000+ tasks of varying complexities for more than 240 clients spread across 30+ major countries in the world.

ProgressGenic specializes Project Control experts that can assist you to better utilize resources within project team structure by managing risks and providing data-driven decision support.

Our Project Control service offerings include:

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