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Project Delay Analysis & Claims Management Services with PreogressGenic Expertise

Project delay analysis & Claims management is an essential technique for identifying the reason and extent of any potential delays due to known risks or unknown issues. It helps promote negotiation with future agreements on claims, as well as deal thoroughly in advance so that you can plan accordingly if there are ever problems during your project's execution phase.

In simple words, Project claims management is the process of asking and proving any claims whether in the form of cost or extension of time. Project claim is a demand made by a person who thinks he/she has been wronged by another party and ask for compensation.

Outsourcing the Project Delay Analysis & Claims Management Part of your project has following benefits to consider:

  • Multiple Techniques
  • On time Delivery
  • Cost Saving
  • Reports Quality
  • forensic Analysis
  • Affordable Rates

We at ProgressGenic use different tools to analyze the Project Schedules in order to determine if any Schedule Exceptions have occurred due to construction constraints such as weather, material shortages, equipment breakdowns, labor shortfalls, Client Approvals etc. We then create concurrent delay analysis through evidental proofs in order to come up to a point which shall easily be agreed by all partiees.

What do we provide under Project Delay Analysis & Management Services?

We are a platform with analysts that will apply project delay analysis technique to describe the execution process and explain what is happening, and the outcome. 

The most raised claim is the Extension of Time claim because almost 63% of the projects can not be completed on time. It involves multiple penalties according to the contract or general conditions of that contract. There is when we Jump in to help projects get the extension in terms of time in order to get rid of those penalties.

Keep in mind that Time extensions in the project do effect the Project Budget factor also because you must be aware of the fact that “Time is Money”. It may be in the form of project management expenses, preliminary costs or costs related to legal authorities. 

Our expert services related to Schedule Management & Control included but not limited to:

  • Primary Analysis
  • Forensic Analysis and implementation of Suitable Method
  • Reports Generations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have expertise to analyze, develop and raise any kind of Project Delay Claims. Some of the important documents we prepare are:

  • First step is to analyze the primary factors of delays. We generate detailed documentation in this regards.
  • Secondly, we do the forensic analysis and find out concurrent factors involved in the project resulted in raising claims. We use the schedules from the first day of delay event recorded and continue to create reports until the advance document.
  • We compile evidential proofs including Correspondences between all the parties and finally a Master document is created.

We develop delay claims according to the genre of the project and type of the delay event. However, following are the few techniques we use in raising the delay claims:

  • Impacted As Planned Analysis

  • Time Impact Analysis

  • Time Slice Windows Analysis 

  • As-Planned vs As-Built Windows Analysis (Mostly used Technique)

  • Retrospective Longest Path Analysis (New Technique)

  • Collapsed As-Built Analysis

You can discuss your project Scope and design with us (Surely after a Non Disclosure Agreement) in order for us to completely understand the project before moving ahead. 

We would require your Baseline schedule, Updated schedules and all periodic reports in order for us to start analyzing the delay events. You shall also share all the project correspondences with us which are important but not limited to Emails, Letters and Minutes of meetings. You shall also have a multiple sittings with us in order to detail down all the required aspects needed for us to come up to the final document.

You shall also share the project specifications related to Progress reporting / Project controls setup in your project’s conditions of contract, or, we may follow the FIDIC general conditions of contract to take care of reporting system. 

Our approach is always in a way of negotiation among the parties or stakeholders that are the part of the project. However, there are the events that may not be solved through mutual understandings or negotiations. In that case we help you in assisting or engaging the legal proceedings of the claims to the authorities or courts that will get indulged until the final verdicts. 

Our forensic analysis that includes evidences would always help you get the case verdict in your favor.

Experts that are working under ProgressGenic are hired through multiple layers of interview procedures and hence appointed once analysed through every aspect. It means that we deliver our services with a top-notch professionailsm way. So, feel free to call us, write us or schedule a meeting with us to further discuss the services.

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