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Progress Reports & Dashboard Services by ProgressGenic

A project progress reports & Dashboards is precisely what it sounds like, a document which enlightens in detail how far have you reached towards the completion of a project. It provides the summary of the tasks and activities you’ve carried out, the tasks you’ve accomplished, and the milestones you’ve reached concerning your project plan.

A Project is almost flopped if you do not take care of Progress Reports & Dashboards. Progress reporting is the key project management process involved in Monitoring & Control part of a Project Life Cycle.

Our custom reporting services are designed to help you see the insights of your Project Progression. We deliver reports in different formats and according to your project needs and specifications.

Would you like to save your organization both time and money? Then ProgressGenic is your one-stop-service provider for all your reporting needs, where we provide you with variety of reports even in custom formats as per your project needs as per your desired frequency along with analysis tools and dashboards to help you access and understand your data in an effective way. Below are the benefits of Outsourcing Progress Reports & Dasboard Services to us:

  • Certified Professionals
  • Save on Time
  • Cost Saving
  • Reports Quality
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Project Performance

Outsourcing our services will also prove very cost-effective, given that you will only be required to pay for our help when you contact us for a specific job. This will help your company save funds that can be channeled elsewhere.

What do we provide under Progress Reports & Dashboard Services?

Following are the key reporting features we provide:

  • Progress Measurement Procedure
  • Progress Reports (Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly)
  • Progress Presentations
  • Project Dashboards (Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have a complete in-house Progress Measurement system (PMS) that includes set of documents that are required in developing Progress Reports. Few are mentioned below:

  • Manpower Deployment Schedules
  • Equipment Deployment Schedules
  • KPI Measurement reports & Graphs
  • Progress S-Curves
  • Cashflow reports
  • Payment certificate reports
  • Engineering Deliverable reports
  • Procurement Status Reports
  • Project submittal status reports
  • Key dates & Milestone Status reports
  • Area of Concern Status reports
  • Progress Status Reports (Weightage wise and Percentage wise)
  • Time vs Financial Status reports
  • Work Statements
  • Daily, weekly & Monthly Progress Reports
  • Project Dashboards
  • Progress Presentations

Progress Reports are a way for any company to see how their project is going and make sure it’s on track. The same strategy also shows the Project performance in other words.

This has translated into us doing various types of reports over time, including progress monitoring and custom report development-which we’re quite good at! Our highly qualified team consists of professionals with years of experience in this field who can generate anything you need as quickly as possible.

The techniques we use in developing progress reports and dashboards are:

  1. Crystal Reports: Our crystal reporting services offer the best quality at an affordable price. You’ll be relieved of your anxiety by placing this task in our hands, which means better productivity for both you and your employees!
  2. PIRT Technique: Project Intelligence Reporting Tools (PIRT) are essential for a business to be successful, and at ProgressGenic, we offer you this and more services that will broaden your information needed for success of your project scope.
  3. Custom Reports: Handing over report building to us will also mean that you can rest easy knowing you won’t just get the data, but also a specifically tailored custom reports according to your company or project standards. This means it’s in-depth and comprehensive – ensuring informed decisions are made on behalf of our clients’ futures!

You can discuss your project Scope and design with us (Surely after a Non Disclosure Agreement) in order for us to completely understand the project before moving ahead.

The pre-requisite of Progress reporting is a Baseline Schedule. If you have one, you shall send us along-with periodic updates, otherwise you may get our Project Schedule Management services and we will handle everything from Schedule updates to all the reports throughout the Project life cycle.

You shall also share the project specifications related to Progress reporting / Project controls setup in your project’s conditions of contract, or, we may follow the FIDIC general conditions of contract to take care of reporting system. 

Yes we do develop Progress Presentations and we attend the Progress meetings and deliver the presentations by ourselves. Note that we act as your Project Controls Department.

Experts that are working under ProgressGenic are hired through multiple layers of interview procedures and hence appointed once analysed through every aspect. It means that we deliver our services with a top-notch professionailsm way. So, feel free to call us, write us or schedule a meeting with us to further discuss the services.

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We provide top notch services at a very competitive rates keeping in mind the international market.

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You don't need to hire a full time employee for your project controls part when you get our services at when & where required.

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Our professional expertise doing the same jobs have made us work quickly than the norms. It saves your reporting time.

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Our tailored services provide you with high quality documentation under each category of our services you have acquired.

Project Success

We are not just a company, we are your partners. Your success is our success. The completion of a successful Project also maintains our standing in the market.

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13+ Years providing services, 1000+ Projects completed, 100% completion rate, 30+ Locations covered, Multiple Project Genres.

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